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Congressman Davis Focused on Inrfastructure Improvements in 2020

Making sure federal tax dollars get back into the local communities they come from for infrastructure improvements is the goal of Congressman Rodney Davis in 2020.


The Congressman is the lead Republican on the Highways and Transits Subcommittee in Congress and wants to focus on getting motor fuel tax dollars back to the communities they come from to help improve the nationwide crisis of crumbling infrastructure.



According to Congressman Davis, the gas tax hike from last summer allowed Illinois to diversify its infrastructure portfolio. He feels the State of Illinois did its job last year and now it is time for the Federal Government to step up and do theirs.



Many question if Illinois gas tax dollars will return to the communities they come from but Congressman Davis points out there was a Constitutional amendment a few years ago mandating the State of Illinois send those dollars back to the communities they originated from and not send them to other parts of the state budget. 

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