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With March upon us, the National Weather Service is using this week to promote severe weather safety.


This first week of March is National Severe Weather Week and Chris Miller with the National Weather Service in Lincoln indicates they are raising awareness around severe weather week by pushing information on their website and social media platforms. Additionally, they are doing something different for those that have NOAA weather radios.



According to Miller, April and May should see above-normal rainfall and Miller hopes people will become knowledgable about dealing with flooding in their communities. He indicates aging infrastructure and already saturated ground could result in flooding which can cause deaths.



Be ready for tornadoes. Miller says Illinois ranks fourth for tornadoes in the country and he hopes people prepare for an event like that. 



Most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flooding. Miller says to check with your agent and maybe explore purchasing a policy that covers flooding.


He also encourages diversifying your notifications of warnings and watches. Miller points out most people rely on cell phones but encourages purchasing a NOOA weather radio. 


Visit weather.gov/lincoln for the latest in forecasts but also information as a part of this Severe Weather Week. 

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