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The Miller Media Group Radio Stations, are members of an organization called the International Broadcasters Idea Bank, which is a group of 100 small market broadcasters in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Many of those broadcasters, reached out to help Taylorville after the EF-3 tornado that tore thru town on December First of 2018.


Now, the Miller Media Group is asking you to help a community that's part of the Idea Bank family.


Cookeville, Tennessee, was at the epicenter of the death and destruction from tornadoes that ravaged that state at around 2 o'clock Tuesday morning.


Idea Bank member Larry Stone, owns and operates the 4 Cookeville, Tennessee stations, which went wall-to-wall with coverage soon after the tornado hit during the early morning hours on Tuesday, and broadcast continuous coverage thru Tuesday afternoon.  Stone's stations have also carried this week's many news conferences with local officials.


Stone and on-air announcer Radford E. Cleary, was part of Tuesday evening's special newscast which reported on the fatalities and damage up to that point.  The 2 gave a summary of the event up to that point.



Putnam County mayor Randy Porter told Stone that as of 5pm Tuesday, the area looks like a war zone.  



The Miller Media Group is asking you to donate thru Larry's radio group, to help those in need in Cookeville, by clicking the "Tennessee Tornado Assistance" link on taylorvilledailynews-dot-com or dewittdailynews-dot-com.  


Just as the recovery has taken over a year in Taylorville, the Cookeville area will need financial assistance for weeks and months to come.  

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