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Seniors and mental health are rarely linked in today's society that has taken up the torch to help those battling mental illness but that is exactly what a Logan County program is doing.


The Senior Life Solutions program through Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital aims to give seniors who are battling depression or anxiety the resources to deal with the things happening in their lives. Riley Brackney with ALMH walks through what it looks for a senior to be a part of the program. 



The senior population is rarely connected to things like depression or anxiety and Brackney says those challenges are not just part of aging for them. It can be hard to diagnose these mental illnesses in seniors as they will come in with health issues that can't be diagnosed but she points seniors to look out for a few telling symptoms.



Once seniors get into the program, Brackney indicates they begin to see a positive change and their patients begin to get more active by going to the Oasis Senior Center or visiting the Park District.



Brackney says the program, which has been in place for about a year, has gotten a great response so far. To learn more you can visit almh.org or call 217-605-5750.  

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