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Heyworth Schools were able to pilot a new concept Illinois schools have had the option of trying out called e-learning days, or the idea of having students participate in learning activities when school is canceled.


Superintendent Lisa Taylor indicates the guidelines from their pilot program to their adopted program last year are different after the state made changes but one thing they found as a part of e-learning days the district implemented as part of snow days this year were submissions of students doing their work via social media.



According to Taylor, determining if their district will use a canceled day as an e-learning day almost comes to making sure they are not overusing them. She explains if they find themselves having to be out of school on consecutive days for whatever reason, they likely would limit the number of e-learning days.



Taylor says they only had one instance of a student that could not get their work done because of a connectivity issue and so they did not penalize that student. She points out they also want to be cognizant of the fact e-learning days also impact working parents and that can make for long days and nights for working families. 

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