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Tradewind Energy officials are touting the endorsement they received last month during the Zoning Board of Appeals hearings for their special use permit for the Alta Farms II wind farm in northwest DeWitt County.


Tom Swierczewski with Tradewind says they are committing to Arcosa to purchase at least 20-percent of the overall project components from them and he calls that the floor, hoping it can be much more than that. In the wind industry, it is difficult to source an entire project's supply from one manufacturer.



The idea of having a wind turbine manufacturer being just a few miles from the footprint of a project is almost unheard of in the industry and Swierczewski feels it is something the community should be excited about.



As for the turbines that Arcosa could be manufacturing in the near future, Swierczewski anticipates there being a couple of different models. 



Swierczewski believes partnerships like the one with Arcosa is only the beginning for projects in Illinois as wind energy becomes a larger part of the renewable energy footprint of the area. 

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