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DeWitt County Probation Officer Dave Beery says his office is playing a wait and see game on how the legalization of cannabis impacts his office and their drug court program.


Beery offered up his stance on the legalization of marijuana recently on the WHOW Morning Show, explaining his disagreement with the notion marijuana is like alcohol. He feels prolonged use of cannabis over time is not good for the body but points out the abuse of either is not good. 



Drug court in DeWitt County typically does not see many marijuana cases. Beery says the impact on drug court is yet to be seen. He indicates there are still aspects of the legalization that will need to be worked out.



Among the issues with the new cannabis law is testing for probation. According to Beery, the law is not cut and dry. He explains there will be cases where a positive marijuana test will impact someone and not others.



From the probation and drug court testing perspective, Beery indicates they have proven methods to continue to monitor their clients' usage of cannabis. 

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