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There is a notion in the community the Clinton Power Plant is going to be open for another 30 to 50 years and that it was a quote from State Representative Dan Caulkins.


While the Representative is not sure of how that message got out there, he is clarifying any statement he may have made. Rep. Caulkins maintains his stance of trying to keep the 2016 energy bill in place and even extended.



According to Rep. Caulkins, the power plant could run for up to another 30 to 50 years and feels it should be up to Exelon how long of a lifespan it has.



As scandal surrounds Exelon, Rep. Caulkins indicates any extension talks are not on the horizon but currently he remains confident the plant will remain open until at least 2026.



According to Representative Caulkins, his statements Wednesday came as a result of misinformation being circulated surrounding the power plant as candidates lobby for votes in the March primary. 

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