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Live your life as you normally would.


That is the message from the Director of the DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Director as the response to the coronavirus intensifies across the country. Dave Remmert points out there are no cases of coronavirus in DeWitt or Piatt County, nor are there any cases in this region.



'Unwarranted' is how Remmert describes the pandemonium the virus has created. While things could change, he indicates they are constantly monitoring this situation and are in communication with response planners if this happens to make it's way to DeWitt or Piatt County. 



According to Remmert, this virus is no more concerning than anything we experience this time of the year with the seasonal flu. He says we should live our lives as we normally would. He feels closing schools at this time is not necessary at this time. 



Remmert says precautions people should be taking are the same precautions we should be taking this time of year and every other year - those being washing hands thoroughly and frequently and avoid being in close contact with people who are sick. 

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