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As Clinton Schools prepare for at least a two week quarantine from school, they will be required to still complete schoolwork at home thanks to an emergency e-learning plan developed by the district.


Superintendent Curt Nettles explains they had been preparing for a decree from the Governor for a few weeks and so he sat down with his administration team and put together an e-learning plan in the of when, not if, the Governor closed down schools. The plan was made possible thanks to relaxed protocols by the State Board of Education.



Many may point to last year when district leadership elected not to adopt an e-learning plan but Nettles indicates because of the unprecedented situation they find themselves in, they needed to do something to make sure they could continue learning and not have to use emergency days.



There is a possibility Governor Pritzker could extend the schools quarantine beyond March 30 and Nettles indicates they will likely continue to have students taking on at-home learning. He points out they will make their teachers available through email and other means to have contact with parents and students.



Nettles credits his teachers for their willingness to make sure they are prepared for this unprecedented event and are trying to make the most of this situation.


The second week of this quarantine is spring break for Clinton students and Nettles encourages parents to allow kids a break from the at-home learning and let them relax and recharge. 

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