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The DeWitt County election was one of the most talked-about local issues but in the last week has since been completely overshadowed by the spread of the coronavirus and the fallout from its spread in Illinois.


This election figures to be very crucial with the top issue for voters being the wind farm. Candidates were invited to join the WHOW morning show the last few weeks and some took advantage of the opportunity and others did not.


Incumbents believe the wind farm is a big issue for the county but not the only issue. Scott Nimmo heads the County Board's property committee and says they have a lot that will need to be done in the year ahead, including a new roof to be installed on the courthouse.



The County Highway Department will be embarking on a reconstruction project of County High 1, or Revere Road. Cole Ritter says that the project is still a while away out but it will provide much-needed relief to that surface.



This election has had a major emphasis whether wind farms should be allowed in DeWitt County and Vice-Chair of the DeWitt County Board, Camille Redman says we've been here before and in fact, believes there are candidates that have connections to the former Reform Party that drew a lot of attention and criticism during their majority on the County Board.



Chairperson of the Public Safety Committee, Lance Reece says the County has a major issue to deal with in the future of ambulance services in Farmer City. The agreement for the service with Arrow Ambulance is set to expire and there are a lot of things to work through with that.



Jay Wickenahauser chairs the Marina Committee and believes the wind farm is certainly the top priority of this election but doesn't believe it should be. While important, there are many other things going on.



Visiting the employees and department heads has been a priority of DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg who indicates he likes to keep a pulse on the offices and know what they need or how he and the Board can help them.



While some of the candidates on the board that is challenging the six incumbents declined to speak with Regional Radio News, Andrea Rhoades who leads the group DeWitt County Residents Against Wind Turbines says the challengers they are endorsing have lots of good ideas for the County Board and doesn't believe they are one-issue candidates.



Aaron Kammeyer declined an invitation to be a part of the candidate interviews on the WHOW morning show. Megan Myers, Jamie Prestegaard, Steve Oswald, Thomas Koshinski, and Buck Carter did not return messages requesting interviews. 


Hear live coverage of the results from the Tuesday primary on 92.3 FM/106.5 FM WHOW, online at dewittdailynews.com, at the WHOW mobile app and at Amazon Alexa starting at 8 pm and until results go final. 

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