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Cole Ritter is out in District A of the DeWitt County Board and Board Chair David Newberg and Jay Wickenhauser survived a tight race in District C for the DeWitt County Board in the Tuesday, March Primary Election.


The tallies are not final as early voting was promoted heavily leading up to the election with fears of the coronavirus swirling around this election. 


Megan Myers, a candidate endorsed by the group DeWitt County Residents Against Wind Turbines in DeWitt County came away as the top vote-getter in the Republican race in District C with 350 votes and 21.6-percent of the vote, followed closely by Jay Wickenhauser who received 337 votes (20.8-percent) and then David Newberg with 337 votes (20.68-percent). 


There was only a 24-percent voter turnout for the primary on the Republican ticket in District C.

Incumbent Cole Ritter is out in District A. The Republican received only 15-percent of the vote with 262 tallies. Buck Carter, Jamie Prestegaard, and Aaron Kammeyer were overwhelming winners as there was 27-percent voter turnout in District A for the Republican ticket with 1708 total votes counted. 


Carter, Kammeyer, and Prestegaard will be challenged by Democrats Lance Reece and Camille Redman, the only candidates on the Democratic ticket.


In District C, Myers, Newberg, and Wickenhauser will be opposed by Scott Nimmo from the Democratic ticket in District C.


Incumbent State's Attorney Dan Markwell defeated Stephanie Scoles by a vote of 1235-1103. A 23-percent voter turnout for the race. 


Again, the tallies are not final as early voting was heavily pushed in Illinois because of the coronavirus scare. 

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