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If you have general health issues that need attention not related to the coronavirus, the Warner Hospital's Family Medicine walk-in clinic is going to remain open for the time being.


CEO Paul Skowron says they want to continue to be available to the community for their general illnesses right now but don't be upset when they ask you to wear a mask and answer some questions if you come in.



Access to test kits has been a major issue throughout the United States' outbreak and Skowron explains, once those kits come in, they will be using the Fire Department's MABAS tent for testing of individuals to keep people out of the hospital.



DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department Director Dave Remmert told Regional Radio he firmly believed the coronavirus was in our community, they just haven't found it yet. Skowron believes Remmert is right and says it is a matter of time before they get a positive test. 


As of Friday, Remmert indicated there had been 15 tests administered in DeWitt County and Piatt County and so far there were no positive tests. Six tests have come back negative and nine are pending. 

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