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A McLean County School district was among a small handful of schools to pilot electronic, at-home learning a few years ago and then an even smaller amount of schools to pass a policy in their handbook for such a practice during inclement weather.


What no one saw coming was a three-week shut down of schools for a worldwide pandemic but because Heyworth Schools were able to pilot an e-learning plan and then adopt an updated version last year, Superintendent Lisa Taylor says it has prepared them for this unprecedented event.



For most school leaders, blended learning is still something that is on the horizon but nothing imminent but for Taylor and Heyworth schools, it is something they have been exploring in recent years.



According to Taylor, it is unlikely school will resume April 8 and so now the challenge is teaching kids without them in front of an instructor for a long time. She credits her staff for the innovative ways they are already utilizing technology to teach.



Taylor is advocating for early notice if the state decides to cancel the remainder of the school year. She indicates summer school could be an option for students who may need additional support but because students left school later in the third quarter, they have enough evidence of progress they could send students on if it comes to that. 

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