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Leading young children through an unprecedented time in our nation's history can be difficult for everyone involved and is bringing new challenges to our daily lives.


Jessica Smiley is the Project Director for Community Together with Heritage Behavioral Health Center and indicates this is a different time for everyone and it feels like the change in our daily routines is being interrupted almost overnight.



What can be helpful for everyone is to have a routine. Smiley says to talk with your kids about the things they miss or the opportunities that are no longer available but to also focus on the good things that are happening.



According to Smiley, the situation from a national level can be very concerning and even alarming but she says to control things we can control. She feels it won't help us worrying about things we cannot control.



Smiley says it is OK to have the feelings we do but she encourages seeking help if it is negatively impacting your relationships or keeping you from functioning day-to-day. She also believes it is important for parents and adults to maintain any daily routines we have and to make sure those who are working from home take breaks so they are not working throughout the entire day. 

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