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Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has been very critical of the federal government in recent weeks over the response to the coronavirus outbreak and a state lawmaker says the finger-pointing needs to end.


State Representative Dan Caulkins believes the Governor's finger-pointing at the President and the White House of the lack of materials coming to the state needs to end and does not blame the President for his recent responses towards those leaders critical of the response.



Rep. Caulkins believes every State in America needs to be working together and understand everyone is going to be reliant on the Federal Government's efforts to get supplies across the country and does not believe Pritzker demanding supplies is helping anything.



According to Caulkins, the time is not now to be pointing fingers but believes the State of Illinois has been ill-prepared for this because the State has spent beyond its means for years and years.



Rep. Caulkins hopes this is a wake-up call as the budgeting process will get underway soon as they have to have a budget passed by May 31. He is hopeful the coronavirus outbreak will soon be mitigated and allow the Illinois General Assembly to soon conduct their business. 

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