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So far, the stay at home order from Governor JB Pritzker has resulted in a quieter call volume for local authorities but Clinton's Chief of Police is weary that may change going forward. 


Chief Ben Lowers indicates their call volume has been reduced since the stay at home order came from the Governor's office, however, times are very uncertain as millions are losing jobs every week, creating stress and anxiety.



Crimes of a domestic and abusive nature have not reared their ugly head yet however, Chief Lowers is concerned those could increase with another three weeks of people being mandated to be home. 



While the stay at home order could be difficult to find an outlet to leave for someone in an abusive situation, Chief Lowers encourages not letting that stop them from reaching out. 



Chief Lowers says when folks are stuck inside, crime does not stop and the public can be less aware of any issues. He encourages neighbors to be cognizant of things happening in a home nearby where a disturbance may be taking place and he hopes the public will be alert to those things. 


He says this time is a recipe for an increase in domestic issues and points anyone who wants to, to reach out to either the police or a domestic violence group like DOVE. 

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