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Encore Developmental Services has closed down their day services to their clients and the thrift store is also closed for the coronavirus.


Executive Director Stephanie Coonce on the Thursday WHOW Morning Show indicates their services have been curtailed and they are encouraging their clients to be as isolated as possible during the coronavirus outbreak.



Financially, Encore is going to be able to sustain themselves during this time. Coonce indicates after their reduction in services four years ago, they have been able to build up their reserves and are in a much better place to handle this shutdown.



The closure is concerning for Coonce because so many of their clients rely on their daily routine and that has been abruptly interrupted. She says they are continuing to help their clients in a limited capacity where they can.



Part of their funding from the Department of Health and Human Services is they have to maintain paying their employees, so Coonce says their staff continues to receive a paycheck during this time. 

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