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In anticipation of the Governor's office shutting down schools the remainder of the year, Lincoln High School made the decision earlier this week to get ahead of such an order and issued a notice they will be doing remote learning for the remainder of the year.


Superintendent Dwight Stricklin says this was something they felt was worthwhile to give their students and parents peace of mind and know exactly what the future will hold for their education.



According to Stricklin, they are trying to take an unfortunate situation and turn it into a positive for their students. During the remote learning phase, a student's grade cannot drop, it can only improve, so they are hoping students will take advantage of that.



Lincoln High School adopted an e-learning plan for school cancellations before the school year and Stricklin feels that set them up to adapt to this remote learning plan while students are away from the building because of the coronavirus outbreak.



For students that were failing a class at the March 13 closure of schools, teachers are required to reach out to those students and create a plan for them to have the opportunity to improve their grades. Stricklin points out they are trying to take a negative and turn it into a positive. 

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