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DeWitt County's highest-ranking law enforcement official is concerned about how much more the public can tolerate if a stay at home order is extended at the end of the month.


Earlier this week, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker hinted at modifications to the stay at home order which is set to expire April 30 across many parts of the country, including Illinois. DeWitt County Sheriff Mike Walker wonders how much more DeWitt County folks can take, especially if the weather turns nice in the next few weeks.



According to Sheriff Walker, as time goes on and if the stay at home order gets extended, people will be less inclined to follow the order and they could see an increase in gatherings at private property.



The Sheriff wishes Governor Pritzker and his team would realize there is more to the State of Illinois than the northeast corner. He feels downstate residents are doing a good job of social distancing and it is reflected in the number of cases and fatalities south of Chicago. 



During the shelter from home decree, Sheriff Walker says the call volume for their office has been cut in half. 

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