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The world was turning as normal. People were going to work. Kids were in school. Sports, competitions, and gatherings were continuing but a serious illness was close to impacting central Illinois. The year? 1918.


Joey Woolridge is the Director of the CH Moore Homestead and DeWitt County Museum and has been digging up what life was like in DeWitt County when the Spanish Flu pandemic put a wrench in life as residents then knew it.


She says things locally changed when in September of 1918, a Clinton High School football game against Normal U-High was called off because of the fear of the gathering spreading the illness.



The happenings the following three months in DeWitt County look incredibly similar to the events of this 2020 pandemic. Woolridge was on the WHOW Morning Show Friday and we'll have more on this story next week on Regional Radio News.


To hear more of Regional Radio's interview with Woolridge, just click on the WHOW Podcasts icon at dewittdailynews.com. 

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