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The coronavirus could have an impact on the upcoming year's budget for the City of Clinton.


Monday night at the Clinton City Council meeting, City Treasurer Clint Lichtenwalter indicated areas of concern over the coronavirus outbreak and the measures taken to slow its spread include sales tax, income tax, and video gaming tax.



Video gaming machines are shut down amid non-essential business being shut down for the time being. Additionally, Lichtenwalter says with unemployment running rampant across the country, the State's income tax number is expected to come in much lower than projected.



According to Lichtenwalter, thanks to the Downey Park project, general expenses are up about a half-million dollars. He indicates that the project though is on hold with the coronavirus putting a lot of things in a holding pattern.



Licthenwalter indicates there are about nine months of operating capital expenses, in line with where it has been in the last several years. He also adds the City is beginning to look at how minimum wage increases will impact City funds over the next few years. 

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