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The coronavirus pandemic has delayed the decision for a Tradewind Energy special use permit for their Alta Farms II wind farm in the northwest corner of DeWitt County.


Before the coronavirus pandemic became an immediate threat, the County Board was set to vote on the permit March 18 but because of stay home orders along with new guidelines for new groups of more than 10 from the CDC, the vote was postponed and has yet to be set.


At the Thursday afternoon DeWitt County Board meeting, Tradewind attorney Jim Griffin asked the Board to take up their application despite the trying circumstances currently being experienced.



DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg will consider the request and feels Tradewind Energy deserves to have their permit taken up now that most entities have their bearings straight and have been able to conduct business despite no face-to-face meetings.



Newberg would support a teleconference meeting for the decision however notes there could be some logistical challenges like allowing multiple people to speak before the board on the issue. He believes it needs to get done because it is an important piece of business. 

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