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If Illinoisans are not able to get back to work soon, there will be a bigger health crisis.


That is the message from State Senator Chapin Rose says right now there are going to be more consequential problems because right now there are areas of healthcare workers being laid off and labeled non-essential.



According to Sen. Rose, there is going to be a backlog of people needing to see physicians that haven't been able to for six or more weeks and when they do go to the doctor, it is likely many conditions will have worsened in that time.



CEO of Warner Hospital in Clinton, Paul Skowron hopes his operation can be back up to full capacity in 90 days. He indicates it is important for the healthcare systems to resume very soon because people have been forced to put off procedures that they need.



Skowron indicates his facility has not had to layoff any workers as they have been able to redirect the things they are doing and maintain social distancing. 


Last week, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker announced some elective surgeries could resume. Hear more from Skowron on Tuesday on the WHOW morning show and how this will impact his facility in Clinton. 

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