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Select Illinois parks will reopen this Friday and the Director of the Department of Natural Resources recently discussed the way this decision was made and what parks reopening looks like.


Colleen Callahan says the decision of which parks to open were dependent on the types of facilities available for handwashing and also the amount of acreage to make sure people could properly practice social distancing.



Many wonder why Clinton Lake will reopen but Weldon Springs will not. Callahan says the reasons for reopening certain parks are the reasons to keep certain parks closed. She hopes allowing Clinton Lake to open up in DeWitt County will give residents the outdoor fix they need. 



The stay at home order will extend through the Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest on Clinton Lake and many other areas of Illinois. Callahan says right now, it is hard to say what that weekend might look like at Clinton Lake.



Callahan did not completely shut down the idea Weldon Springs could reopen before the May 30 stay at home order is set to expire. She feels if Illinoisans are adhering to the social distancing guidelines, that could lead to other recreation areas opening up. 

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