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Illinois Governor JB Pritzker was not happy with a judge's decision to uphold a lawsuit by downstate Republican Rep. Darren Bailey and Tuesday afternoon at his daily press briefing the Democrat Governor sounded off.


The Governor called the Representatives actions a cheap, political stunt and a grab at fame.



Despite his disagreement with the actions, the Governor says he is taking the lawsuit seriously and feels the precedent set is very dangerous. Gov. Pritzker believes the State needs to fight this to keep citizens from petitioning to be exempt from the stay at home order.



Many in downstate Illinois are clamoring their small businesses are suffering because they do not have customers coming in the door and feel the stay at home order is unnecessary given the small number of cases south of Chicago. According to the Governor, the economic impact has been his mind from the very start of the issue.



When asked about his comments saying Rep. Bailey is grandstanding and in turn, the Governor was grandstanding claiming people would fall sick and die due to the actions of Rep. Bailey, the Governor called that 'a ridiculous question'.



The judge's ruling only applied to Rep. Bailey because he petitioned only for himself. The Governor says the danger of the coronavirus outbreak has not passed yet and feels Illinois is making progress. 

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