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Returning to normal is a goal the entire world is striving for during the outbreak of the coronavirus but a local healthcare official wonders if we will ever return to that time.


CEO Paul Skowron doesn't question if we'll ever be able to gather around a restaurant table for celebrations or go to baseball games or go boating on the lake with friends and family but does wonder if there are aspects daily life regarding protecting our family and friends from sickness that may not ever be the same again. 



Things like wearing face coverings, staying home when you're sick, and avoiding the elderly and immune-compromised are likely to become normal parts of the cold and flu season. Skowron believes a lot of lessons are being learned right now.



As we plan to get together, Skowron hopes businesses and entities will take precautions to keep their patrons safe. He points to large gatherings that happen weekly at churches and the things they could do.



As antibody testing continues to develop, the research is still very preliminary and feels it will be a while before we know the benefits of antibody testing. He is not hopeful it will solve anything in the next 30 or 60 days. 

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