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Lawmakers around Illinois are weighing in on Governor JB Pritzker's five-phase plan to reopen Illinois which he released the details of on Tuesday afternoon.


While all the GOP House members on the call said they supported the governor’s stay-at-home order and appreciated the changes made in the new version that went into effect Friday, they said the four regions in the plan are arbitrary and said decisions about when to reopen should be evaluated on a more local level. Rep. Dan Brady says the Governor's plan does not offer any semblance of the local authority to local officials.



Unemployment issues have hindered thousands of unemployed Illinoisans the last several weeks. Rep. Brady says even he and his colleagues don't have the answers.



House Republican lawmakers in an internet press conference Wednesday morning gave their opinions on Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s regional five-phase plan to reopen the state’s economy which was released on Tuesday. 

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