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The Restore Illinois Plan isn't sitting well with Clinton City leadership and Monday night at the Clinton City Council meeting, Mayor Roger Cyrulik informed the Council of a letter that will go to State Senator Chapin Rose and Governor JB Pritzker.


The Mayor hopes to get a voice in the decision-making process. He says small businesses are hurting and to wait another 11 days may be too long to make up all the losses they've experienced.



The Mayor's letter expresses concerns over the timeline given in the plan and while data is driving the decisions, the Mayor says economic hardships are starting stack up.



The letter expresses a collaborative approach with the Governor and calls for allowing a more regional approach to reopening. Mayor Cyrulik in the letter says social distancing and PPE should be a part of any reopening efforts locally.



Commissioner Dan Ballenger backed the Mayor's letter and says we need to get the City going again.

Also at the Monday night Council meeting, the Council approved the Center Street project for $1.25-million. 

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