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There are parts of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker's plan to reopen the Illinois economy that State Senator Chapin Rose agrees with.


The Mahomet Republican likes that the Governor elected to base his thresholds for advancement through the various phases on hospital capacity. While he agrees that approach, the Senator also notes, the regions he has established are too big because of where people will seek help in the event they get sick.



Regions of Illinois will have to wait 28 days to advance from one phase to the next starting June 1. Sen. Rose says there is no science to 28 days and points out people want to reopen and do so safely.



Sen. Rose is disappointed the Governor is taking the approach of 'my way or the highway'. He does not believe the Governor is leading well when he sends him and his family to Florida and Wisconsin during their downtime.



Sen. Rose has been meeting with as many people from all sectors including young people to find out where they are at in terms of wanting to reopen and get back to as much normalcy as possible and he is finding most are on board with a safe reopening and he plans to send his findings on to the Governor's office. 

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