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DNR Lays Out Guidelines for Campers

Campers have been taking advantage of the Department of Natural Resources opening up of campsites across the sate as guidance has been issued for them.


Rachel Torbert is the Deputy Director for DNR and indicates social distancing measures are in place like no outside visitors or campers at your campsite, campfires are limited to those occupying that site and campers being allowed to temporarily secure entrance to their campsite to restrict access to others.



Torbert says when the State of Illinois went into phase 3 of Governor JB Pritzker's 'Restore Illinois' plan and parks all reopened, campers were excited to learn campsites at some of these locations and others around Illinois reopened at the same time.



According to Torbert, there are contactless transaction options in some places. DNR is asking site hosts and staff to practice social distancing and they will have personal protective equipment on while interacting with the public as well.



DNR is also asking for individuals that may be experiencing coronavirus symptoms to remain at home and go camping once they are healthy in accordance with CDC and IDPH guidelines. If you are going to be in any of the parks with people present, masks are required along with the six-feet distance between individuals and the ten-person maximum in a group is still in place. 

Get more information at dnr.illinois.gov. 

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