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Congressman Davis: President Visiting St. John's Church Overshadowed Good Message

Many have been critical of President Donald Trump clearing out Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. of protestors last week to visit St. John's Episcopal Church, but Congressman Rodney Davis says his actions overshadowed a good message from the President moments before.


President Trump and his security team cleared the area of protestors so after a message in the Rose Garden of the White House, he could visit the church that was vandalized the night before by looters protesting police brutality after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Taylorville Congressman says the President's message was lost in the actions taken by law enforcement at the scene. 



The damage done in the park and at the church was terrible, according to the Taylorville Republican, and believes the fact his message was lost in the outcome. He believes President Trump's message was on point.



The President's Defense Secretary has questioned the decision to invoke the Insurrection Act and that has left many wondering if there is a divide in the President's cabinet. Congressman Davis says there's going to be disagreement in any cabinet and simply the military is not patrolling the streets of the country. 



Antifa has been attributed much of the chaos the last few weeks and Congressman Davis believes there needs to accountability for the people funding the group and those carrying out the actions of destroying property.



Congressman Davis says what happened to George Floyd should not happen to any individual ever. He says the memory of Floyd cannot be remembered by rioting and looting. 

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