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Clinton Police Chief Stands Behind Law Enforcement, Good Cops

Police in America are once again under great scrutiny in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis two weeks at the hands of law enforcement and a local law enforcement official is weighing in.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says he stands behind his fellow law enforcement officers and the good police officers of the communities they serve. He believes good individuals are police officers and just like every other occupation in the world, there are bad apples that give the good ones a bad name.



The Chief does not believe there is an overwhelming problem of racism amongst police officers, however, says there are always going to be things law enforcement can do better and is always in favor of dialogue to achieve the goal of being better.



Defunding police departments to do anything from disbanding departments to shifting funding elsewhere has seen an increase in dialogue this week and the Chief indicates he will never support that idea and believes each case needs to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.



Chief Lowers says he is very passionate about the topic of American law enforcement and stands behind good police officers and good police work. He says great people are doing a thankless job and doing it for the right reasons. 

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