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DeWitt County Museum Director: We Will Make It Through

Concerns about the future of rural museums have had history buffs on edge since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and a local museum director says her site will make it through.


Joey Long is the Director of the CH Moore Homestead and DeWitt County Museum and points out there are studies that show many rural museums might be in trouble in the aftermath of the coronavirus shutdowns. 

According to Long, the Museum is on solid footing and she is confident they will be able to recoup what they have lost and emphatically states they will survive and they will prevail.



Long indicates the community has always shown great support for their facility and their cause. In fact, through much of the pandemic, they have continued to see donations come in from various places in the community and they are very grateful for that continued support.


A reopening date for the Museum has not been determined yet but Long says you can keep up with the latest information by following their Facebook page. 

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