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Farmer City Library Waiting to Reopen

While many libraries in central Illinois are bringing back many services on a limited basis, a DeWitt County library is waiting for more information before they reopen.


Amy Johnson is the Director of the Farmer City Public Library and indicates they rolled out curbside pick up services earlier this month. For now, the library plans for that to be the only service they offer through July.



Three days through the work-week are designated for curbside pickup at the library and Johnson indicates their times cover the morning, afternoon, and evening. The public is encouraged to call or email about curbside pickup and she points out, because of the gradual reopening, their offering is finally expanding.



The interlibrary loan program is starting to get reintroduced. Johnson explains the interlibrary loan program allows patrons to request materials from another library not available at their library. She notes by the end of the month, it should be fully operational again.



During the shutdown, material providers for the Farmer City Library were not distributing materials so Johnson anticipates a surge of new materials to be on the way throughout the rest of the month. Get more information about the Farmer City Public Library by visiting their Facebook page. 

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