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DeWitt/Piatt Health Director Continues to Push for Calm Despite Coronavirus Cases Increases

As coronavirus cases begin to increase in parts of the country, including those that have been reopened for many weeks now, the Director of the DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department says we don't need to panic.


Dave Remmert anticipated the number of cases would increase as people get back out and begin to mingle and continues to be dismayed by the reaction to the rise in cases. He points out, healthy populations of people getting and spreading the virus amongst each other is not a bad thing.



According to Remmert, local cases are not severe however, there are zero hospitalizations, let alone fatalities. He points out symptoms of those who have contracted the coronavirus locally have been overall mild and asymptomatic. 



According to Remmert, the protection of vulnerable populations like nursing home residents and those that immunocompromised is very important. He credits local facilities for the measures they've taken and the continued heightened awareness.



As we collect more data on the coronavirus we begin to learn more about this novel virus. Remmert believes we are going to be living with this virus for a while and the fatality rate is very low.


According to Remmert, while there are differences between the flu and coronavirus, there are also similarities. While the coronavirus has killed a lot more than a typical flu season, the flu also brings respiratory issues and it targets the elderly population more adversely. 

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