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Opponents of Windfarm Plan to Regroup, Explore Options

DeWitt County residents sat in disbelief Tuesday as nightfell on the Clinton Square after the DeWitt County Board approved a special use permit for the Tradewind Energy Alta Farms II wind project in the northwest corner of DeWitt County.


Many sat motionless, others shed tears but Andrea Rhoades, who leads the group Residents Against Windfarms in DeWitt County was not afraid to share her feelings on the vote. She called out Cole Ritter who was not in attendance.



A number of amendments were proposed by Board member Terry Ferguson, among them was to eliminate two wind towers that would dozens of non-participating landowners. Rhoades felt that amendment was worthy of consideration but was ultimately voted down. She indicates non-participating landowners they represent were disappointed as well. 



Rhoades says there are many avenues that their non-participating landowners could pursue and they will regroup and figure out what is next. She anticipates a lawsuit to be forthcoming because they believe the application does not meet the county ordinances.

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