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As the hunting season quickly approaches, DNR officials are reminding hunters any safety courses they need can be taken care of online.


Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police Sergeant John Williamson explains most in-person courses are not available at this time but dnr.illinois.gov has several resources for hunters to get their safety courses taken care of for the upcoming hunting season.



Williamson calls August 1 the start of the annual hunting season when squirrel hunting opens up. He says the big one will be September 1 when dove season opens which for many hunters is the official start of the hunting season.



Williamson says deer activity is starting to pick up as fawns begin to get more strength in their legs. He reminds the public to leave the baby animals alone as their mother often leaves its babies during the day to find food and then moves it at night. 


Get more hunting information by visiting dnr.illinois.gov. 

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