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Scammers are taking advantage of the misfortune and assistance of the coronavirus pandemic. 


Connie Unruh with the TS Institute says they are seeing several scams that revolve around the current pandemic. The most prominent is the unemployment scam where people are filing for unemployment in the name of someone else. If you find this might have happened to you, report it to authorities.



If you get a notification of unemployment benefits being approved or even the unemployment debit card in the mail, Unruh says that should be a red flag.



According to Unruh, you can get a free credit report once a week during COVID. She explains checking in on the credit report is a very good way to prevent other forms of identity theft. 



Unruh emphasizes contacting law enforcement because there needs to be a police report. But IDES is also looking to keep track of this data. She also recommends contacting the Federal Trade Commission. 


Several other scams are circulating related to COVID. We'll have more on these later this week on Regional Radio News. 

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