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Families in Heyworth will have the chance to send their students back to school or take advantage of remote learning options. 


Superintendent Dr. Lisa Taylor on the WHOW Morning Show Monday told Regional Radio News their transition team came up with a plan for a back-to-school plan with a combination of in-person learning and remote learning. She indicates they are following all the guidelines laid out by the State and the typical school day is going to look very different.



According to Dr. Taylor, the district surveyed teachers, parents, and students and there was overwhelming support for returning to school. She explains the biggest concern they heard had to do with how to handle positive cases.



Dr. Taylor says the self-certification of the health process has been a fluid policy from the State of Illinois. The latest policy is to allow parents to self-certify for their kids.



Dr. Taylor indicates if her kids were in the K-12 age range she would send them back under the current circumstances. She believes kids need to be in school and they need the interactions they get there with their peers.



Not only is Dr. Taylor confident about their plan for this year but she believes there's an opportunity to keep some policies in place going forward. 



Those interested in the Heyworth plan can visit the district website for the latest information, husd4.org. Dr. Taylor indicates information available at the website will likely expand as the school year progresses. 

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