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Don't be surprised if you see Clinton residents rolling around town in golfcart-like vehicles.


The Clinton City Council Monday night approved a city ordinance to allow non-highway vehicles on city streets. City Administrator Tim Followell explains the vehicles can be gas or electric and have to pass safety inspections, be insured and licensed.



Follow explains there were unclear discussions around speed-limits for these vehicles by Clinton officials. The ordinance states, vehicles cannot travel more than 20 MPH and are limited to municipal streets with a speed limit of less than 35 MPH. 



Other community's ordinances for golf carts vary. Additionally, Followell notes there are not many of these vehicles on the streets of communities that allow them.



According to Followell, the original reasoning for non-highway vehicles was to deal with rising gas prices. At the time, the idea did not come to fruition. Recently, state law changed regarding crossing highways but Followell points out, there are still laws limiting what roads vehicles can be on.



Licensing forms are available now at Clinton City Hall and at the Clinton Police Department and inspections on the vehicles must be done by the Clinton Police Department. Stickers will be issued for the first August 13. Licensing fees are $100.


Visit clintonillinois.com for the full ordinance

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