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Depending on where you're at in Illinois, you might need a little more rain but you might also be wishing for a long dry stretch. 


Chris Miller with the National Weather Service in Lincoln indicates from their office in Lincoln to Clinton, up towards Farmer City and most of Piatt County, it is still a little dry, while there are areas Decatur to Springfield and southward that are in good shape.



Portions of north-central and far southern Illinois have had plenty of rain and Miller indicates they are hoping for some dry stretches.



The hit-and-miss showers and storms that roll through central Illinois hitting some places often are generally fronts that are not strong enough to push through other parts of the state. He explains many fronts stall and sits over an area.



June was a quiet month for tornado activity and severe weather, something very out of the ordinary, Miller notes. 


Yesterday on Regional Radio News, Miller noted the beautiful weather we're experiencing this week is thanks to the hurricane moving up the east coast. He notes though, warm and humid weather will return by the weekend. 

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