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As the country continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic while getting back to work, scams are targeting individuals trying to get back on their feet.


Connie Unruh with the TS Institute indicates there are fake job postings popping up on all sorts of platforms. From job boards to social media, she indicates maybe dig a little further before offering up critical information an employer would want.



Many employers will list their jobs on their own website in addition to the promotion they do on job boards. Unruh says it is a good idea to check the company's website to confirm the job listing is accurate.



Many Americans still have not collected their stimulus money from the spring. Unruh says this has been the source of additional issues. Additionally, as contact tracing efforts intensify due to the COVID pandemic, there are scams popping up with people posing as contact tracers.



Unruh continues to urge residents to be on the lookout for the unemployment scams. Governor JB Pritzker Wednesday warned of this. She also encourages the public to take advantage of the weekly credit reports that are available for free until next spring. 


If you suspect any form of identity theft, contact authorities immediately. 

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