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Monday night Commissioner of Public Safety on the Clinton City Council, Dan Ballenger sent shockwaves through the community when he announced a decision to bring down Kiwanis Park behind the Clinton YMCA on Alexander Street.


Parts of the park are in rough shape with some treated wood rotting and falling apart. The Commissioner has had a change of heart on bringing down the Kiwanis Park playground equipment because he doesn't have a good plan for what to put in its place.



According to Ballenger, Thursday evening will begin the process of improving the playground. He says the park will remain closed to the public until City crews can get out there and work on it. Anticipate fencing of some kind being set up around the playground equipment to keep kids off it. 



Out of this announcement Monday and the subsequent change of heart, Ballenger is pushing residents to help establish a park district. He indicates that is one thing he has heard from the public through all this.



Ballenger believes fixing up the equipment will buy three to four years of additional use on the playground and he hopes at that time, a suitable plan can be established for how the equipment will be replaced.


Additionally, out of Ballenger's announcement Monday, the community has stepped up contacting him to inform him of efforts they'd like to start to help maintain the playground rather than bring it all down. 

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