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DNR Threatens To Shut Down Clinton Lake Fishing Spots if Littering Does Not Stop

Pick up your garbage or your favorite fishing spots on Clinton Lake will be shut down.


That is the message from DNR who indicates the spillway and a few other areas that are popular for public fishing on Clinton are being overrun by the public's trash. DNR Conservation Police Sergeant John Williamson told Regional Radio News on the WHOW Morning Show Tuesday it is not what they want to do but they have no other option.



According to Williamson, empty worm containers to dirty diapers are among the things left at the spillway. He adds there are also people who are leaving bags of home trash at the site.



Not only is the spillway a trouble area, but there are also other popular fishing spots that are often highly littered. Williamson indicates garbage service is a very expensive service to offer and so they are imploring the public to simply pick things up before they leave.



Just do better is the message from Williamson, who hopes the situation does not come down to closing some or all of these popular areas. 

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