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If you've been by Warner Hospital on Monday, you've likely noticed a climate-controlled tent outside their main building at White and Van Buren.


CEO Paul Skowron tells Regional Radio News this is a similar setup to the MABAS tent that was set up in March and April. Because of an increased volume of people getting tested due to schools being back in session, the tent will be the exclusive location for testing now through the City of Clinton owned entity.



According to Skowron, starting next Monday, the tent will go live. He emphasizes this will not be a public testing site and patients will still have to have a doctor's referral.



Social media chatter has for many months now suggested hospitals are paid for each positive case discovered in their facility but Skowron notes, while that may be something that happens at bigger healthcare systems, that is not something that is happening in many central Illinois facilities, including Warner Hospital.



Skowron indicates because Warner Hospital offers a rapid test to their patients, they are getting a lot of people from outside DeWitt County coming to the Clinton facility for testing now as well. 

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