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A month into a school year that will look different most likely the entirety of the year, the Clinton Board of Education Tuesday night at the regular Board of Education meeting received an update on how those students that opted for remote learning were doing.


The district offered remote learners a grace period of early September to opt back into the in-person option and Superintendent Curt Nettles indicates over 30 students returned to in-person learning after initially selecting remote learning.



According to Nettles, there have been some issues for remote learners but he believes they are getting those worked out and credits their administration and support staff for being available to those families that need further assistance.



Another issue being worked through for district staff is how much interaction there is with remote learning students. Nettles explains K-5 there is a little more involvement for those teachers but 6-12 there is almost none. 



Tuesday night the Board of Education approved the Fiscal Year 2021 budget and approved the issuance of refinanced bonds for approximately $6.37-million. 

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