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Kiwanis Park and community members who enjoy it were put through the wringer after it was announced plans to tear the park down due to dilapidation but an outcry from the community was able to reverse the decision.


Clinton Commissioner of Public Safety Dan Ballenger was at the center of both decisions, announcing on a Monday night at a City Council meeting the park equipment would be torn down, but days later reversed the decision. 


After several weeks of work to repair parts of the equipment in unusable condition, he is hopeful perhaps portions of the equipment could be gifted back to the community for use still this fall.



Last month during the first days of the repair process, Ballenger was optimistic they could get the equipment fixed-up at little or no cost and it has played out almost the way he hoped.



Bad trees around the park have been removed and Ballenger says he has the mulch they've purchased ready to install soon. 


In about a week, Ballenger hopes to be able to invite the community out to help paint the equipment. He thanks the volunteers that have stepped up so far. He is thankful for the amount of support the community is showing. 

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