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We need to evolve our thinking on COVID-19.


That is the message from the DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department Director Dave Remmert who says there is enough data available after nearly eight months of COVID being in the United States.



Case counting continues to be a point of contention for Remmert because of the mild-nature of the virus overall to most populations. He admits the virus can be dangerous for some populations but we need to be watching hospitalizations and fatalities more closely.



This weekend's mobile COVID testing site should help DeWitt County increase testing and allow the County to come off the Governor's COVID warning list. Remmert points to ramp up testing at Warner Hospital as another key part of the process.



Remmert continues to promote masking and sheltering vulnerable populations. He points out their contact tracing efforts are continuing to show household contacts being primary spreaders more than any other circumstance. 

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