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The deer hunting season is underway as the archery deer season is open.


DNR Deputy Director Rachel Torbert says the most common questions they get from hunters this time of the year often revolve around the proper way to handle specific situations.



According to Torbert, as DNR moves into a digital world with its outdoor app, they often get questions about their licensing and tags. Illinois laws recently changed regarding this so she often gets questions seeking to clear those issues up.



Questions around blaze orange attire often come in and Torbert says the answer can be confusing. She notes they also want to clear up issues around when archery deer hunting is permissible as other seasons open up.



Torbert also indicates they also receive questions about shooting a deer who tracks to a neighboring property where the hunter does not have permission. She notes this is a sticky situation but it is best when possible to get permission from those neighboring landowners to venture onto their property if necessary.



Issues and questions like these can be found at dnr.illinois.gov. Torbert also notes the website also provides contact information for your local DNR office along with contact information for their conservation officers. 

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